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Conny sent in a good tip via email this morning.

With the Virtual Camera software from you can grab a region on your screen and feed that into the web camera interface.

This simulates a web camera pointed to your screen. By sizing the capture area properly, you can stream a video clip into a Marratech meeting.

By setting the audio input to stereo mixer, you will get the audio in the meeting as well.

This is a Windows based solution, and the idea is simple and effective. Conny has become the TV guru at Marratech :-)
I have some problems under Windows 2000 with a "hanging" driver.
Works better under XP.
Windows 2000 is soon 6 years old. If I remember correctly it was released in January 2000 on pre-installed computers.

In dog years, that's 42 years!!! laugh.gif

Time flies :shock:
Peter Parnes
I have tried Splitcamera. Works well with Marratech but remember that you have to start the actual splitcam application while grabbing. Otherwise you only get black video. The main purpose of the application is to share a camera between several applications., but it also allows you to show movies (video only) and still images. And it is free! Windows only though.

Other tools that can be tested are: Camsplitter and WebcamSplitter but I haven't tested them.
Jose Alquijay
We have tested with a Pinnacle videocapture PCI card and it was totally amazing! biggrin.gif , we tested with a VCR and another external devices and the quality of the both, audio and video was excelent. Just take care of the video bandwith to synchronize it with the audio :wink:
I have tried WebCamSplitter Pro a couple of times and that seems promising, supports both audio and video from local files.

Peter Cunningham
Webcamsplitter works very well in a room set for high bandwidth say a Gold room. The sender will need good upload and the recipient good download.

I prepared a step by step PPT for a client earlier this year but it seems to be too big for the limit on this forum!
I have tested:

They all work together with Marratech.

Peter Parnes
Any opinion of which one is the best? I used Splitcamera yesterday for a H264 demo (via Maratech) displayed on a big screen and it looked very good!
Today, Conny demoed WebcamMax for me, and it seemed very nice.

It can show movies, flash files, pictures and do screen captures. It can add effects to your webcam's video. Seems like a nice, non-intrusive piece of software.

The demo worked very nicely, even when using screen capture over video.

I have uploaded an image with this post.
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