Here is where to find log files relative to Marratech:

On Windows
On windows, the Marratech log files are located in the home user's directory under .marratech (notice the '.') This directory may be hidden, so you will need to expose it in your Windows Explorer settings.


c:\Document and Settings\serge\.marratech\log

If the Marratech client crashed, it will generate Java Crash log called hs_err####.pid file on your system. For example: hs_err4432.pid

Please send us this file as well when communicating with Marratech for support.

On Mac

On mac, two type of log files are usually required.

1. The Java crash logs which can be found in the Crash Reporter folder.

These are usually in your user's Library folder with a name similar to this example:


(the number will vary)

2. The Marratech log files are located here:


On Linux

Under Linux, the Marratech log files are located under ~/.marratech/log