Tip: Making Application Sharing Faster
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Here are some tips for making application sharing faster:

On the client side:

1. Be sure to use version 6.0 as it includes some heavy performance optimizations.

2. Be sure to set the rectangle to the size of the application you wish to share. If possible, shrink the latter to a smaller size.

The larger the rectangle, the more data that needs to be updated, which may slow down the process depending on your network.

3. Be sure to avoid overlapping the rectangle with the Marratech application, sharing video updates is heavy and may slow everything down.

4. Application Sharing uses the Whiteboard (Reliable) media port for sending and receiving data. Be sure that all the whiteboard material has been sent before starting app sharing. For example, do not load in a 50 page powerpoint and 2 seconds later start app sharing on a slow network.

5. Use 8 bit color depth, as it is faster. (Tools -> Options -> VNC)

6. Set your network upload speed properly in the Tools -> General -> Network Connection. If your network connection gets overloaded from all the data being sent (video + audio + app sharing) you will get long delays.

The revers is also true, if your connection speed is set to too little compared to the capacity of your network, the application you are sharing will be updated at a slower pace.

7. Check if you suffer from packet loss. Packet loss will cause delays in App Sharing. When packet loss occurs, the Marratech congestion control will slow the app sharing and video down in order for the audio to get priority. To remedy this quickly, stop sending video.

Remember that your network may be slower on the upload than on the download. (DSL and Cable TV)

Also remember that packet loss can be caused by an overloaded CPU. If this is the case, avoid using H.264 and app sharing at the same time. Switch to H.261 and / or stop sending video.

More info on how to look for packet loss is available here:

On the server side

On the server side, be sure that the WB Reliable channel gets enough bandwidth as this is where the app sharing occurs. If you find performance is subpar, try increasing the WB Reliable bandwidth while reducing the video or audio (if applicable). The more BW allowed the faster it will be.
Stephen Antonucci
These are the settings for the room where a lot of application sharing is being requested. Do you have any suggestions for settings to give better performance or is this optimum?

Audio 300 kb/s iPCMWB
Video 650 kb/s
Control 400 kb/s
Web Slides 200 kb/s
Whiteboard reliable 200 kb/s
Whiteboard best-effort 200 kb/

I have built this room out for their use and would like to set it up for the best experience on the server side. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Stephen, the settings I built out for Montclaire on the US demo server were similar to what you have except for WB Reliable, which I had set to 600 Kbps. This was before the recent upgrades to client and server, by the way.
Stephen Antonucci
I will up the reliable number.
Rolf Larsson
You can also reduce the control value. Control is used for some internal messages and chat. Even at 100kbps (the default value the gold and silver template provided with the Manager), I'd say you'll seldom, if ever, reach the limit.

WB best effort can also be reduced to 100 kbps for similar reasons.

This will not have an effect on the actal performance, but it might give a more realistic "total bandwidth" for the room. Your example will probably claim to be 1950 kbps, but in reality it will likely not use more than around 1300-1400 kbps.
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