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We have a problem at one of the clients that cann't stay connected longer then few minutes. sudenly he lost all the other participantes in the room

This client is a part of a network. There is a router D-Link DI-604 and the connection to the internet is via cables: Bandwidth 1.5MB Down and 256 UP. There is no real firewall but the basic firewall of the router.

When all the other users connect to the marratech it is all seems right but only this user is prAeventing us from starting to work

Any Ides Why???

Best regards, Aric
Peter Parnes
Could it be that he is trying to send more data than 256 Kbps and the "alive" messages to the portal get lost due to congestion?

Do you see this problem if you do not send any media at all (i.e. not sending audio or video)?
Rolf Larsson

here are a few more things for you to consider:[list]Does the DLink 604 have the latest firmware? DLink are quite notorious for their software, and we've seen similar problems with other routers.
[*]This can also appear if the timeout value for NAT rules and Dynamic State rules are set too low in the firewall. However, this seems unlikely, as I am quite sure you can't change these values in the DLink routers (not in any easy way at least).

I have seen this problem with D-Link routers / firewalls. Some of them have a tendency to reboot a lot.

Everytime it reboots, your connection will be lost, and unfortunately, it is impossible for us to counter this.

To see if that is the problem, check the status of your d-link. You can do this by logging in to this. If the uptime is very short, less than a day, changes are it rebooted by itself.

You will find many D-Link discussion groups where people discuss what version of the firmware to use.

Note that this does not only affect Marratech. It affects streaming, games, VPN connections, FTP, etc...

I recommend changing the D-link's firmware (upgrade) or changing the D-link altogether. :roll:
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