Here are some quick tips to keep Marratech fast and snappy.

1. Use a PC with at least 512 MB of ram. More memory means faster computer and less swapping. Heavy users at marratech all run at least 512 MB of RAM. Ram is cheap , and it will make all your apps work faster.

2. Keep your Windows updated. If you have not done it, upgrade to XP and install all the updates. This includes SP2. Windows XP has more recent drivers and is a bit more modern... Windows 2000 was released in 1999... making it soooooo 90's ;-)

3. Upgrade your graphic cards driver. This usually gives more speed and stability. Highly recommended.

4. Upgrade your sound card driver. We use the sound card to the fullest. We have seen both speed increases and some crashing solved by updated audio drivers. Highly recommended.

5. Look over your audio setup. We have a great guide in the manual on how to troubleshoot and properly setup the audio in windows. Mute and silence any inputs / outputs you do not need.

6. Upgrade your camera / capture card drivers. These can often give better stability and better performance.

7. Keep your Direct X updated. If you have not done it, download the latest version from

8. Use Adaware or another anti-spyware program. Spywares are on the majority of computers (according to a statement from DELL), use a lot of CPU and sometimes even kidnap Marratech Portal connections!!!

9. Use anti virus software. Viruses also steal http connections making it hard to join a meeting.

10. Be sure to defrag your hard disk on a regular basis. If the computer needs to swap files from memory, it will then go faster.


Additional step:

Make sure you are using the right version of the Logitech Web Cam driver.