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We just got a very valid question about what is installed and modified on your system when Marratech Pro is installed.

In this day and age of spyware and programs taking over all your settings in Windows, this question is quite important, so here goes:

Marratech Pro, when being installed, does the following:

The installer creates a temporary directory for extracting all the Marratech Pro files.

These files are copied into the destination directory, e.g. C:program filesmarratechPro4.1.2

A registry entry is created for connecting the .sdx file type with Marratech Pro. This enables launching Pro from Internet Explorer and from double clicking on a recording.

A registry entry is created for the Add / Remove Program entry in Windows.

Once you start Marratech Pro, a preference file is stored in a directory called .marratech, often found in c:documents and settings(your username).marratech All this directory contains are settings to remember your preferences.

NOTHING ELSE is installed. No spywares, no adwares, no adverts, etc ...

So, in conclusion, everything is installed in a self contained directory. No DLLs are installed anywhere else. In fact, Marratech Pro can simply be copied to it's default location and everything will work (except uninstall and launching from your browser).

The same approach is taken for all platforms and for the server software.

This is something we have been working hard at since the very beginning!

Hope this answers your question!


PS. Web cam drivers, especially Logitech, tend to be bloated. Most of the unused feature can be uninstalled after installation. Only the main driver is needed.
Does it remove the temp file after installation?
Rolf Larsson
Yes, it does.
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