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Marratech Pro 3.4 offers no scaling of PDF files on Mac OS X as of yet. [we are working on it] Quite often, presentations that are done via the whiteboard are too big for projectors and 1024*768 screens.

Here are the steps for exporting PDF from Keynote, so that they'll fit in a 1024*768 screen for Marratech Pro in Normal Mode.

1. Open your presentation in keynote.
2. Choose File->Page Setup
3. Under "Settings", choose the Custom Paper Size option.
4. Click on new and call the file type: "Marratech Whiteboard"
5. Give a height of 20.00 cm and a width of 14.10 cm (this keeps the aspect ratio intact)
6. Give margins of 0.10 for top, bottom, left and right
7. Press "Save".
8. Now, change the "Settings" back to "Page Attributes".

You now have created a size format that will fit in the Marratech Whiteboard in 1024*768 mode.

9. Be sure to use the File->Print Slides... menu and choose the "Save As PDF..." button to save your pdf file. (export to pdf will ignore the new page size you entered)

10. Choose a file name that you will then open in Marratech Pro through the File->Open->PDF document... And voilą! Things should now fit.

Some Notes:

=> After many tests, this seems to be the easiest way. Changing the size of the slide will modify your content. Changing the size of the paper as done above will only rescale the slide and your content will stay intact and proportionate.

=> It seems the "scale" function is broken. When we tried to scale for our PDF output, Keynote just ignored it.

=> It is not possible to remove the margin to the right.

=> This step makes future conversions a lot easier, since your paper size will be remembered throughout Mac OS X. It will make slide export from PPT easier as well.

Hope this hint can help our users out there! 8)
On PowerPoint v.X do like this:

Open the Page Setup Dialog from the File Menu. From there, click on custom. Create a marratech whiteboard format, as specified above. And select it.

When Powerpoint warns you about a size mismatch, ask it to "Fix it".

Then, choose the File -> Print and Save As PDF button.

Your slides will be in the correct format for a PDF import in the Mac OS X version of Marratech Pro.
For our non-metric users out there,

20 cm = 7.87 inches
14.10 cm = 5,55 inches

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