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Many users have requested information about USB cameras on Linux so here is a quick guide on how to setup USB cameras on Linux.

1. Select camera that is compatible with Linux and Marratech.

Marratech has tested and recommends the following cameras:
- Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000
- Logitech QuickCam Notebook Pro
- Philips ToUcam Pro

Other cameras may work and you are welcome to try any camera you like but these are the cameras Marratech had best results with. The recommendations may change over time and you are welcome to share your experiences of using other cameras with us.

2. Verify that the camera is recognized by the system.

One way to determine if the camera has been detected is to use the 'lsusb' command. If the camera appears in the device list as in the example output below the camera has been properly detected as an USB device.

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 046d:08b2 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Pro 4000

Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000

3. Download a driver for the camera.

For Logitech and Philips cameras the pwc driver is recommended. If you are using a 2.6 kernel you probably does not have this driver by default and need to install it manually.

For Suse and Fedora you can use the RPM packets available here:

For Suse 9.2 you need the following driver:

For Fedora Core 3 you need the following driver:

4. Install the driver on your system.
Install the driver using your packet installation tool or by executing the following command.

rpm -i <packagename>.rpm

5. Test the camera with Marratech.

The installation is now completed and you are ready to start the Marratech client to try it out.

If you would like to share your experiences using other cameras and drivers, feel free to post on this forum.

Johan Morin

can you tell us whats going to happen to linux webcam now that pwc has biten the dust ??

i just upgraded to fedora core 4 and just find out that pwc is gone from the kernel
ok its working now but not many client i know will find the recompiling your kernel part as much fun as i do laugh.gif
One of the reasons for writing this guide was that the pwc has been removed in the 2.6 kernel.

However, as stated in the guide above you can download a precompiled driver from the new maintainer of pwc from the following location:

No RPM packet of the driver for Fedora Core 4 is available yet, but I am sure it will be released shortly. Until then you can of course compile your own.

Johan Morin
also fyi -- i had a problem that the image in marratech from the cam was grey. when checking with other apps i could se the same behaviour when the camera resolution exceeded 160x120...

it seems that the mandriva cooker (dev release) distribution had an old pwc-driver where one needs the extra pwcx-driver to get a higher res.

to resolve this issue i followed your advice and downloaded the latest pwc driver sources from, compiled and installed it following the pwc compile and install guide.

just wanted ppl to know if they got a grey image even though they have the pwc module loaded and everything should work...

That is right, you need pwcx module to get full resolution and framerate. Thanks for pointing this out.

By the way, we have recently tested Mandriva 10.2 Limited Edition and I was pleased to notice that the pwc drivers was included by default and worked perfectly with both a Philips camera and a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000.

It is possible that Mandriva might be one of our recommended distributions in the future.


Johan Morin

Can you post an updated and validated procedure on how to install the Quickcam Pro 4000 drivers under Fedora Core 4 please ? I found a few guides on how to compile our own driver but I'm running from obstacles to obstacles because of outdated URLs or everchanging versions of patch and stuff.


Luc Tremblay
Has anyone got a Logitech camera working on SuSE 10?
Peter Cunningham
I confirmed with one of our clients in France that they have managed to get the Logitech 4000 to work with Suse 10.

I believe they followed the instructions in this forum
Hi, im currently having trouble to use my webcam with marratech client v 6.0 for linux.

I have a logitech quickcam messenger that is working fine in gnomemeeting and amsn 0.95 with the qc-usb-messenger 1.2 driver.

Everything works fine in Marratech client except i cannot use my webcam. I send and receive audio, i receive video.

I tried with Mandriva 2006.0 kernel and ( on 3 different pc)

Someone got an idea??

Sorry for my bad english im french-canadian
Hello, first of all I am no Linux user but it seems that the newer Logitech cameras are not supported by the pwc driver. For those that have one of these cameras the Philips SPC900NC/00 could be a good alternative.

/Rikard, Marratech
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