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Game concept

PLAYTRD is a game targeted at new students wanting to get to know the city, using game technology as the medium. The game is meant to be played from a new student accepts to a position as student at NTNU and through the first semester(s) of study.


Your character in PLAYTRD is yourself, and the goal is to evolve from your initial state as ignorant about Trondheim and student life, to having good overall knowledge about most aspects of Trondheim and expert knowledge about selected aspects. Your current state or level is represented as a set of capabilities and possessions, along various dimensions. Dimensions can be night-life, sports, culture, history, etc.


The game is split into a set of quests, from finding a specific place in the city or attending an event to solving mysteries in teams. Each quest requires a certain level of capabilities and possessions. After finishing a quest, your capabilities have increased, while possessions may have been both reduced and/or increased.

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