Situated reflection and learning in crisis management

CroMAR exploits mobile augmented reality for browsing information generated during a crisis (e.g. earthquake, flooding) while standing on the site where a crisis unfolded. The information is intended to support disaster managers in doing post-crisis debriefing and reflection; in this way we can expect the reflection process to be grounded in a physical context that helps to make sense of the information and reflect on alternative paths of actions.

Information displayed in CroMAR comes from multiple sources. Data captured by field agents during their work (radio transmission, gps traces, video feeds) is visualized side by side with information crowd-sourced from the public (messages from social networks, open data). This is intended to provide multiple points of views of the very same event in a timespan that covers also events before and after the crisis unfolded. CroMAR is modular and extendible, information sources can be added in future releases.

CroMAR allows for navigating information along the space dimension, via augmented reality and a complementary map-based visualization, and the time dimension via a timeline. Moreover information is grouped in layers that can be selectively activated, overlapped and compared in real time to customize the navigation experience.

Because debriefings and reflection are a collaborative activities CroMAR allows synchronous collaboration via FaceTime® videoconferencing and asynchronous collaboration via an recommendations text editor and a email sharing of the set of information the user is looking at.

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This work has been co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme in the MIRROR project ( and by the FABULA project ( NFR VERDIKT-project nr. 176841/SIO FABULA.

CroMAR is powered by the PanicAR framework

We soundly thank Mr. Gianni Della Valle, volunteers of "P.A. Croce Bianca Fossano", "P.A. Croce Verde Saluzzo", "P.A. Gruppo volondari del soccorso Clavesana" and “P.A. Croce Bianca Ceva” for taking part to our user studies and evaluations.

Photos by "Dave Bledsoe of FreeVerse Photography"


Monica Divitini

Simone Mora

Alessandro Boron