THOR - Transparent Heterogenous Open Resource Framework

  • Dr. Anne C. Elster
  • Dr. Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti (Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain)
  • Dr. Jan Perhac (ERCIM Post Doc, NTNU April 2010 - April 2011)

  • Jan Perhac and Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti in front of the Main building (Hovedbygget) at NTNU, June 2010

    THOR is a framework for providing seamless access to HPC systems composed of heterogeneous resources. Our work focuses on the core module, in particular the policy engine. To validate our approach, THOR has been implemented on a scaled-down heterogeneous cluster within a cloud-based computational environment. Our testing includes an Open CL encryption/decryption algorithm that was tested for several use cases. T

    Current THOR Members:



  • BOF (Birds-Of-a-Feather) "Towards Exa-Scale: Heterogenous Clouds (CPUs, GPUs, Embedded Devices) organized by Elster and Vazquez-Poletti accepted at SC'10

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    1. J.L. Vazquez-Poletti, J. Perhac, J. Ryan and A.C. Elster: "THOR: A Transparent Heterogeneous Open Resource Framework", to be presented at HCCE at IEEE Cluster 2010. PDF of personal-use-only pre-print

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    Jan Perhac working on our THOR test-bed

    THOR core at the Tyholt tower in Trondheim with visitor
    Krystyna Napierala from Poznan, Polen, June 2010.

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