Business meetings


Agenda of the IFIP WG 8.1 BUSINESS MEETING in Stockholm, on June 9, 2015, 17:45-19:00 (after the EMMSAD'15 and BPMDS'15 conferences)

0. Opening of the meeting:

1. Updates to the agenda

2. Registration of the participants (Brief self introduction):


3. Minutes of the IFIP TC8 WG 8.1 Business Meeting June 2014, Thessaloniki (Appendix A).

4. Reports of IFIP WG8.1 Activities (more info on current and past events at )

4.1 Report on PoEM 2014

4.2 Report on ICISO 2015 ( )

4.3 Report on BPMDS 2015 (Rainer Schmidt/Selmin Nurcan )

4.4 Report on EMMSAD'15 (Khaled Gaaloul)

5. Future IFIP WG8.1 Activities

5.1 PoEM’15 , Valencia

5.2 EMMSAD'16 Ljubliana ()

5.3 BPMDS'16, Ljubliana ()

5.4 Other events or activities for 2016 or beyond

6 Election of new officers (2016-2018)

7. Other Issues

IFIP TC8 Conference list

7.1 New members

A number of proposals have been received

7. Next Business Meeting

Proposal: After EMMSAD/BPMDS 2016  in Ljubliana



The Agenda of the IFIP WG 8.1 BUSINESS MEETING in Gdansk, on June 26, 2012, 17:30-18:30 (after the EMMSAD'12 and BPMDS'12 conferences)

0. Opening of the meeting: John Krogstie opens the meeting and welcomes everyone to the meeting, members and guests.

1. Points for the agenda The agenda was accepted, adding an information point from Michele Missikoff.

2. Registration of the participants

Members: Terry Halpin, INTI International University Elena Kornyshova, University of Paris 1 Rebecca Deneckere, University of Paris 1 Sjaak Brinkkemper, Utrecht University Pnina Soffer, University of Haifa Haris Mouratidis, University of East London Erik Proper, PRC Henri Tudor Janis Stirna, Stockholm University Marite Kirikova, Riga Technical University Jelena Zdravkovic, Stockholm University Colette Rolland, University of Paris 1 Selmin Nurcan, University of Paris 1 Brian Henderson-Sellers, University of Technology, Sydney Michele Missikoff, IASI-CNR John Krogstie, NTNU Barbara Pernici, Politecnico di Milano Oscar Pastor, University Politecnica de Valencia Isabelle Mirbel, University of Nice Jolita Ralyté, University of Geneva Anne Persson, University of Skövde

Guests: Andrew Carver, INTI International University Charlotte Hug, University of Paris 1 Monique Snoek, KU Leuven Irina Rychkova, University of Paris 1

3. Minutes of the IFIP TC8 WG 8.1 Business Meeting June 2011, London (Appendix A). The minutes were accepted.

4. Reports of IFIP WG8.1 Activities

4.1 Report on Poem 2011 (John Krogstie) Oslo, November 43 participants registerered, 18 of 38 papers accepted, Keynotes from Will van der Aalst and Harald Wesenberg. Some groupwork was also done.

4.2 Report on BPMDS 2012 (Pnina Soffer/Selmin Nurcan) 17 out of 48 papers were accepted. The theme was Business Process Modelling and the Cloud. 31 participants attended. Additional people joined some of the sessions. Michael Rosemann gave an inspiring keynote (joint with EMMSAD). The best papers are to be published in the Software and Systems Journal (Springer).

4.3 Report on EMMSAD'12 (Joint with AIS SIGSAND Europe EuroSymposium 2012) (John Krogstie) 13 out of 28 papers were accepted. 26 participants registered,

4.4 Report on Method Engineering 2011 (Jolita Ralyté) The best papers will be published in a special issue of the IJISMD journal.

5. Future IFIP WG8.1 Activities

5.1 EMMSAD'13 (Erik Proper) The conference will be organised together with CAiSE as usual. Erik Proper will be heading the organisational team (backed by Terry Halpin and John Krogstie).

5.2 BPMDS'13 (Pnina Soffer/Selmin Nurcan ) The same team will organise the conference next year, co-located with CAiSE.

5.3 PoEM’12 (John Krogstie) The conference will be held in Rostock. Kurt Sandkuhl is responsible.

5.4 PoEM 2013 in Riga Marite Kirikova will be responsible for organising the event.

5.5 ICISO 2013 (The 14th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organizations) Stockholm 25-27 march Paul Johanneson, Hans Weigand and Per Ågerfalk are general/PC-chairs

6. Supported events

6.1 EI2N'2012: 6th International Workshop on Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking Herve Panetto is responsible for the event

7. New Activities

Michele Missikof informed about the FInES research roadmap and how it will be disseminated. Build a knowledge repository on the web. Goal: to foster a community that will evolve this knowledge base. He invites the 8.1 community to participate. A governance model is discussed. At the moment they use an idea similar to Wikipedia. The initiative will be presented in the forthcoming CAiSE keynote by Missikof. Proposed to investigate the interest for a IFIP WG8.1 Task group related to the evolution of this knowledge repository

8. Election of Officers 2013-2015 John Krogstie (chairperson), Jolita Ralyté (vice chairperson) and Anne Persson (secretary) were elected.

9. Other Issues

9.1 New members The following new members were welcomed:

Matthew Hadwen (Canada) Charlotte Hug (Paris-1, France) Andy Carver (Malaysia) Monique Snoeck (Belgium)

10. Next Business Meeting The meeting will be held after EMMSAD/BPMDS 2013 in Valencia.


Sjaak Brinkkemper brings up the issue of communication within the 8.1 group. A LinkedIn group does exist. Almost all members have joined the group. There are also “friends” who follow what is happening. It seems that it is difficult to get new people to contribute. Contributions to the list are moderated by John Krogstie.


The Agenda of the IFIP WG 8.1 BUSINESS MEETING in London, on June 21, 2011, at 18:00-19:30, (after the EMMSAD'11 and BPMDS'11conferences)

0. Opening of the meeting:

1. Points for the agenda

2. Registration of the participants (Brief self introduction):

Members: John Krogstie, Jolita Ralyte, Brian Henderson Sellers, Barbara Pernici, Janis Stirna, 	Rebeckka Deneckere, Erik Proper, Terry Halpin, Jolita Ralyte, Yair Wand, Antonie Olive, Pnina 	Soffer, Selmin Nurcan, Colette Rolland, Kecheng Liu, Oscar Pastor
Guests: Raian Ali, Marite Kirekova, Haris Mouratidis

3. Minutes of the IFIP TC8 WG 8.1 Business Meeting June 2010, Hammamet (Appendix A).

4. Reports of IFIP WG8.1 Activities

4.1 Report on ICISO 2010 International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations (Kecheng Liu) Held in Reading UK 19-21 july 2010, 119 submissions, 50 papers were accepted (42%). The regional breakdown of accepted papers is: China (20), UK (12), Brazil (3), Portugal (3), Chile (2), The Netherlands (2), and 1 each from Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Iran, Canada, Finland, Germany, France, and Hong Kong. 33 participants. Proceedings Pervasive Informatics in the Digital Economy, Proc. of the 12th Conf. on Organisational Semiotics, SciTePress

4.2 Report on PoEM 2010 Practice of Enterprise Modeling (Erik Proper) Delft Enterprise Engineering week PRET/TEAR/POEM (10-15 went through all events). 44 Submission, 17 accepted Good number of (industry) (mostly European) participants. LNBIP proceedings

4.3 Report on ME 2011 (Jolita Ralyte) Paris nice weather and organization 30 submission, 19 accepted (13 full, 6 short) 37 attendents Authors of submitted papers from 14 countries (Netherlands, 10, France, 9, Germany, 8, Spain, 8 China, 7, India 7, Canada 4, Hungary 3, Iran 3, Sweden 3, Australia 2, Ireland, 1 Switzerland 1, United Arab Emirates 1

4.4 Report on BPMDS 2011 (Pnina Soffer /Selmin Nurcan ) 35 registered participants . Very successful 61 submission, 22 selected. Joint LNBIP proceedings with EMMSAD Working on a special issue.

4.5 Report on EMMSAD'11 (Terry Halpin) 33 registered participants , 31 submissions, 16 selected 3 reviews , used easychair, reviewers could choose/bid for papers. Interesting discussions.

5 Presentation of FINES Reseach Roadmap (John Krogstie on behalf of Michele Missikoff)

From Michele request to 1 or 2 from 8.1. to be part of Scientific Advisory Group on vocabulary releated to The FInES (Future Internet Enterprise Systems)) cluster

“May be you can just report about the FInES Research Roadmap Task Force (established in DG Information Society, Unit D4, Future Internet Enterprise Systems - FInES CLuster). I have been appointed by the Commission as the coordinator of this Task Force.

We started collecting a number of keywords that represent the research topics in the area. We have approx 200 kwds. We will organise them in 4 knowledge spaces:

- Socio-economic (here the long term impact) - Enterprise (here are the beneficiaries of our research) - Enterprise systems (this is the actual focus of our research) - Enabling technologies/methodologies (here are our 'suppliers')

The work is carried out with two main teams: Editorial board (4 people, who actually write the report) and the Scientific Advisory Group (16 p, who provide the content, e.g., the keywords, definitions, research priorities, etc.)

The first output is expected by the European Commission in early Sept, to be used in defining the guidelines for the upcoming FP8, in the area of FInES (Future Internet Enterprsies Systems). Final version a year later

If you think that it is feasible, it would be nice if I can include in the SAG one or two names from the WG8.1.

6 News from last TC8 meetings: Work on experimenting with new conference formats, work on assessing the quality of conferences of different types (have started a discussion on LinkedIn)

7. Future IFIP WG8.1 Activities

7.1 EMMSAD'12 (John Krogstie) 25-26 June Gdansk Have common sessions or keynote or panel with BPMDS. Keep 15 pages limit

7.2 BPMDS'12 (Pnina Soffer/Selmin Nurcan ) 25-26 June (see above)

7.3 PoEM’11 (John Krogstie) Oslo 2-3 November Deadline extended to July 1.

7.4 PoEM '12 (John Krogstie on behalf Kurt Sandkuhl) Rostock Germany , east of Hamburg 7-8 November. Collaboration with Fraunhofer

7.5 ICISO 2011 and 2012 (not decided, decide under the conference) (Kecheng Liu ) 4-6 July Netherlands, Fryske Academy, Humanity and computation 30 paper 35-40 participants

Supported events

7.6 EI2N'2011: 5th International Workshop on Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking Many form Interop/IFIP WG8.1 involved in the organizing

7.7 New Activities

Involvement of  more Asian and American researchers
Try to arrange something with AIS-SIGSAND? (very active community in America) Yearly 	workshop , next year in |	Vancouver (Yair Wand), basically Canadian and American participants 	(thus have a parallel  issue). Focus on 	publication of SAND-material in leading journals, 	which would be useful also for the IFIP8.1 	community	

Action: John Krogstie follows up with Yair Wand on possible cooperation

8. Other Issues 8.1 Short on membership-structure (full members vs friends (on Linkedin Group))

8.2 New members

Haris Mouratidis, Marite Kirekova ,Raian Ali

9. Next Business Meeting

Proposal: After EMMSAD/BPMDS 2012 in Gdansk 26/6 2012

Previous business meetings


Appendix A: Minutes from the BM in 2010

IFIP TC8 WG 8.1 BUSINESS MEETING in Hammamet, Tunisia, on June 8, 2010, at 17.45 - 18:45


1. Opening of the meeting: Welcome by John Krogstie, new chair of IFIP 8.1

2. Registration of the participants (Brief self introduction):

Members: John Krogstie, Jolita Ralyte, Erik Proper, Michele Missikoff, Barbara 	Pernici, Michael Petit, Oscar Pastor, Peri Loucopoulos, Selmin Nurcan, Remigijus 	Gustas, Peter Bollen, Terry Halpin, Pnina Soffer

Guests: Jan Pieter Wijbenga, Jelena Zdravkovic,Wassim Derguech, Igor 	Hawryszkiewycz, Gianluigi Viscusi, Carlo Batini, Elena Kornyshova, Rébecca  	Deneckère

3. Minutes of the IFIP TC8 WG 8.1 Business Meeting June 2010, Amsterdam (distributed earlier). No comments on the minutes

4. Reports of IFIP WG8.1 Activities

4.1 Brief on support for interaction in 8.1 (John Krogstie)

A LinkedIn Group ( ) has been established, both open for the 8.1 group, and also for friends of the group, to be used for discussions, and possible also to provide workspaces for cooperations (e.g. linking to Huddle workspaces available through LinkedIn). IFIP centrally is planning to set up a wiki or similar to support arrangements of events, and we will look at this before providing support for this specifically within 8.1.

Currently 40 + members is present, will invite additional members (to Linkedin and the group) this summer.

4.2 Report on Poem 2009 (Jelena Zdravkovic)

POEM - Practice of Enterprise Modeling

In total 41 papers was submitted, out of which 24 were research papers, 12 idea papers, 5 experience papers and 1 evaluation paper. The initial paper deadline was extended by five days. 17 papers were accepted. Proceedings by Springer LNBIP, no 39.

The highest number of authors involved in submissions came from The Netherlands (10) and Sweden (9).

Program: Two keynotes by practitioners in the field of EM (Håvard Jørgensen (Norway) and Christer Nellborn), paper sessions and joint discussion sections. The more interactive format seemed to be appreciated by the participants.

Attendees: 54 on the registration list, including the organizers. About 1/3 from Sweden, the rest mostly from Europe. Nine participants came from industry

IFIP TC8 sponsored travel and accommodation of three doctoral students.

4.3 Report on EMMSAD'10 (Erik Proper)

14 of 22 submitted papers accepted (in 2009, 36 papers submitted), good discussions, hot room, Springer LNBIP 50 together with BPDMS, not all proceedings reached us (The workshop had 22 registered participants ca. (up to 30+ persons in some sessions, not all participants registered to a specific workshop))

4.4 Report on BPMDS 2010 (Pnina Soffer /Selmin Nurcan) Workshop on Business Process Modeling, Development, and Support

27 papers submitted, 13 accepted. 28 registered participants.

4.5 Report on IESS supported event (Joilta) First International Conference on Exploring Services Sciences

Was held in Geneva February 2010. 50 participants, 45 submissions, post-conf proceedings with 18 papers. IESS 2011 will be arranged in Geneva, February 2011

4.6 Report on ICISO 2009 (John Krogstie on behalf of Kecheng Liu) International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations

Eight IFIP WG8.1 members contributed to the conference arrangement either as programme co-chair or PC members. Prof. Ronald Stamper (a long standing WG8.1 member, emeritus professor of the University of Twente, the Netherlands) and Prof. Göran Goldkuhl (Linköping University, Sweden) delivered keynote speeches.

ICISO 2009 attracted 222 papers from 19 countries and regions. Each paper was reviewed by at least by two Programme Committee Members. Having gone through the rigorous reviews, 72 regular papers, i.e. 33% of the total submissions, was accepted for publication.

Task groups

4.7 Method Engineering (contact persons: Jolita Ralyte, Colette Rolland, Sjaak Brinkkemper, Motoshi Saeki)

Jolita presented plans for a new working conference ME-2011 , in Paris in April 2011 . A preliminary CFP has been developed with Jolita general chair, Isabelle Mirbel Program Chair and Rébecca Deneckère as Organizing Chair

5. Future IFIP WG8.1 Activities

5.1 EMMSAD'11 Main organizer Terry Halpin with help from Erik Proper and John Krogstie (co-chairs) will be held in London as part of CAiSE 20-21 June 2011

Will look at ways to even further improve the discussion (e.g. discussants, better structure of program). Increase paper length in proceedings to 15 pages (in 2010 it was 13 pages)

5.2 POEM’10 (Erik Proper on behalf of Stijn Hoppenbrouwers)

Main people involved:

General Chair: Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands PC Co-chairs: Patrick van Bommel, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands Sietse Overbeek, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands Erik Proper, Henri Tudor, Luxembourg Organizing chair: Joseph Barjis, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands; Joe is helped by Sietse Overbeek (also TU Delft) who acts as publicity chair Financial chair: Irma Haerkens (RU Nijmegen).

We have two sponsors: Fraunhofer inst. and a Dutch industrial sponsor, Be Informed B.V. More sponsors may well be found.

Keynote will be by Dr. Etienne Rouwette, an expert on Group Model Building (Management faculty, Radboud University Nijmegen).

Conference dinner will be Indonesian Rice Table buffet at a cultural location off venue, group transport by touring car arranged.

A detailed Budget is in the making. We are preparing to execute the review process (through EasyChair). How many submissions to expect is always a hard question; hope for 50 submission.

The plan is there will be one or two highly interactive, facilitated group sessions.

PoEM is part of the Enterprise Engineering Week, collocation with two other events: PRET 2010 and TEAR 2010.

CFP 27 June proceedings for all events will be published in Springer LNBIP

5.3 Future POEM-conferences (John Krogstie +)

Proposals for: - PoEM 2011 in Oslo, Norway , organized by the Norwegian Computer Society, General Chair John Krogstie, Program Chair Andreas Opdahl + NN. - PoEM 2012 in Berlin, organized by Fraunhofer ISST, General chair Kurt Sandkuhl - PoEM 2013 strong interest from both Valencia (Oscar Pastor) and Riga

5.4 ICISO 2010 and 2011 (John Krogstie on behalf of Kecheng Liu)

ICISO 2010 is held in Reading 2010: 119 submissions, 50 papers were accepted (42%). The regional breakdown of accepted papers is: China (20), UK (12), Brazil (3), Portugal (3), Chile (2), The Netherlands (2), and 1 each from Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Iran, Canada, Finland, Germany, France, and Hong Kong.

Discussions have been on-going for a conference in 2011, which likely will be held in the Netherlands. The ICISO2011 conference committee would like to apply to the IFIP WG8.1 for continued support by accepting by approving it as a working conference:

Request supported by the meeting

Supported events

5.5 EI2N'2010: 5th International Workshop on Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking

A number of 8.1. members part of the PC, link to Interop-Vlab

5.6 New Activities / Tasks

5.6.1 BPMDS 2011 (Selmin) Part of CAiSE in London 20-21 June 2011. Will ask to be pre-qualified by CAiSE (as EMMSAD is, followed up by John Krogstie in tyhe CAiSE committee). Will be arranged by Pnina Soffer, Rainer Schmidt, Ilia Bider , and Selmin Nurcan

5.6.2 ME- 2011 See point 4.7 (Jolita Ralyte)

6. Other Issues

6.1 New members

Proposals: • Mathias Ekstedt • Jelena Zdravkovic • Elena Kornyshova, • Rébecca Deneckère

All proposed new members accepted

Invite members that has been active before business meeting next year (John Krogstie)

7. Next Business Meeting

Proposal: After EMMSAD 2011 in London


Suggestion and discussion relative to make more impact through reports and publications. Can be organized as different task group relative to terminology, research challenges etc in selected areas relevant for 8.1: The different initiatives needs a dedicated leader, interested people should bring up ideas to John Krogstie and the leader group for follow-up.

Note that it do not have to be as monumental as FRISCO, other possibilities are state of the art - articles in selected areas, or outlining the research area (see e.g. the MOBIS-article: Krogstie, J., K. Lyytinen, A.L. Opdahl, B. Pernici, K. Siau, and K. Smolander, Research Areas and Challenges for Mobile Information Systems. International Journal of Mobile Communication, 2004. 2(3).),1,8;journal,33,38;linkingpublicationresults,1:110880,1

Can also try to integrate the development with some of the proposed working conferences (e.g. as partly done at POEM 2009)

Relations to a selected number of journals was suggested; In particular the different conferences where suggested to liason with one of

• International journal of Information Systsme Modeling and Design (IJISMD) • Journal of Database Management (JDM) • Requirements Engineering Journal (RE)


Minutes IFIP WG8.1 business meeting Amsterdam, June 8, 2009, 17:30 – 19:00, after the EMMSAD'09 conference. Minutes

1. Opening of the meeting: Barbara Pernici introduces the group and its objectives.

2. Registration of the participants (Brief Self Introduction): Members: Guests:

3. Vote for the new Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Secretary The candidates who put forward their proposal were: John Krogstie (as chair), Jolita Ralyté (as vice-chair), Anne Persson (as secretary). These were elected.

4. Minutes of the IFIP TC8 WG 8.1 Business Meeting June 2008, Montpellier Approved.

5. Reports of IFIP WG8.1 Activities

5.1 Focus event on June 7: results and decisions Reported by Barbara Pernici: Identity of the group was discussed. No clear answer to this question. The group was missing some common work. It was proposed to encourage collaboration, to find 2-3 focal points. Social interaction of members (using modern technology, social networks, etc) should be improved to make the group more as a community Discussion: Organisation of work sessions, not necessarily with papers. Definition of research agenda. People have to bring their own energy to the group. Less and less money for enthusiasm. Maybe a common project or network. There are two groups (US and Europe) dealing with the same topic. To look for opportunities to do things together. The board do some investigation and proposes how to renew the group activities

5.2 Task Groups  Questions/discussion: What the objective of a task group is? How a task group should report about its achievements? There are no clear rules about activities and responsibilities of task groups.  Task group for ontologies and enterprise modeling (contact person: Michele Missikoff) This group is not active and could be closed/suspended for the moment.

 Method Engineering (contact persons: Jolita Ralyte, Colette Rolland, Sjaak Brinkkemper, Motoshi Saeki) The responsible should see how to reactivate the group, improve the collaboration of the group members and to define what could be produced by the group. Propose a new agenda and evaluate what is feasible.  Maybe a new task group could be created around PoEM. For example, collecting case studies, teaching material.

5.3 WCC 2010, Brisbane Probably this is the last IFIP World Congress, there is no plans for future events. Big effort for organising such an event and the attendance is not good. Barbara Pernici invites to participate, submit papers and be there. Maybe, to write a joint paper of the group. CfP GISP (Global IS Processes, chairs Jan Pries-Haye, Michael Roseman) + E-government conference

5.4 Report on Poem 2008 (Anne Persson and Janis Stirna) 34 submissions from 16 countries, 17 accepted papers, 1 keynote, about 50 participants. Very lively discussions. Proceedings in LNBIP series (as official IFIP proceeding)

5.5 Report on EMMSAD'09 (John Krogstie) EMMSAD report: 36 papers, accepted 16, proceeding Springer together with BPMDS (LNBIP series) Good discussions

6. Future IFIP WG8.1 Activities

6.1 EMMSAD'10 Hammamet 6.2 Poem’09 Stockholm 6.3 New Activities - IESS 1.0 (Léonard, Ralyté) asks for a support by IFIP WG8.1: support agreed - ICISO 2010 (Stamper, Krogstie): withdrawn - Ciao! (Dietz, Albani) asking to be WG 8.1 activity (informal or formal): not decided - Track at Caise – practice-driven research

7. New members No new members proposed.

8. Next Business Meeting After EMMSAD’10.

2015/06/05 17:50, John Krogstie