Guest Lectures --- IDI/NTNU Computer Architecture Research Group

  • Terje Mathisen, Mill Computing (slides tba)
  • Pedro Trancoso, Getting Ready for Approximate Computing: Trading Parallelism for Accuracy for DSS Workloads slides
  • Thomas Husslein, Optimization algorithms within logistics, (slides not available)
  • Dag Haugland, The Pooling Problem - Applications, Complexity and Solution Methods slides
  • Mike O'Boyle, Compiler Optimisation for GPGPUs slides
  • Parallel Processing for Energy Efficiency (PP4EE) Seminar October 2013 (Video taped)
  • Alex Ramirez presented the Mont Blanc project at NTNU, November 2012.
  • Migration of Applications Across Different Systems: A Case Study, by Marisa Gil, December 2011, slides
  • Integrated virtualization: the silver bullet for future multi-core computing systems?, by Koen De Bosschere, Oct 2010, slides
  • OMPSs: Efficient and Productive Programming for Heterogeneous Computing, by Dr. Xavier Martorell, oct 2010, slides.
  • Taming the multicore beast by Prof. PhD Brian Vinter, Copenhagen University, 26 March 2007, Abstract & slides.
  • Resilient Processors by Prof. PhD Antonio González, Director, Intel-UPC Barcelona Research Center, Abstract.
  • Intel Larrabee, by Terje Mathisen, 18 Nov 2008. Part of course TDT1 Multicore architectures and chip multiprocessors, where this paper on Intel Larrabee was used as part of the course.

2014/10/25 22:36, Lasse Natvig