Short powerpoint show about our cooperation with industry

List of projects with industry (Preliminary version)

  • M.Sc. student Ulf Lillengen in cooperation with Yahoo! Inc, Trondheim
  • M.Sc. student Magne Tøndel and Ole Martin Sørli in cooperation with Powel ASA
  • M.Sc. student Martin Tverdal with Energy Micro
  • ATMEL Norway (See presentation above)
  • ARM (was Falanx), (See presentation below)
  • Nordic Semiconductor (Trondheim)
  • Energy Micro (Oslo)
  • ChipCon (Now TI) (Oslo)
  • Tilera (US)
  • FXI (Trondheim)
  • Yahoo! Inc (Trondheim)
  • Oracle (was ClustRa / Sun Microsystems / MySQL) (Trondheim)
  • Powel AS (Trondheim)
  • 3D radar (Trondheim)
  • Intel (UK)
  • Numerical Rocks (Trondheim)
  • Miriam AS (Halden)
  • … and more
  • This is under development, a more complete list of projects and master theses is found here.

2011/08/18 09:13, Lasse Natvig