IS_A: Integrated Semantic Access in Situated Operations

Contact information

Prof. Dr. Jon Atle Gulla: jag<at> - IS_A Project manager
Prof. Dr. Kjetil Nørvåg: Kjetil.Norvag<at>
Dr. Terje Brasetvik: brase<at> - Researcher
Geir Solskinnsbakk: geirsols<at> - PhD student

External Partners
Selvaag Bluethink (Yngve Holte Olsen) yho<at>
StatoilHydro (Harald Rønneberg) haro<at>
Computas (Roar Fjellheim) Roar.Fjellheim<at>


Dec 21 2009
We are currently working on tagging and finding strategies to expand the semantics of tags and use the expanded semantics to build a structure over the tags. We are currently looking into tags from social bookmarking services (mainly The tags and their structure will in the next step be used for information access