Blind Calibration of Air Quality Wireless Sensor Networks Using Deep Neural Networks Tiago Veiga Erling Ljunggren, Kerstin Bach Sigmund Akselsen 2021 IEEE International Conference on Omni-Layer Intelligent Systems (COINS), IEEE, 2021.

Link to the paper: COINS 2021

From a Low-Cost Air Quality Sensor Network to Decision Support Services: Steps towards Data Calibration and Service Development Tiago Veiga, Arne Munch-Ellingsen, Christoforos Papastergiopoulos, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Ilias Kalamaras, Kerstin Bach, Konstantinos Votis, Sigmund Akselsen Sensors, 21 (9), pp. 3190, 2021.

Link to the paper: Sensors 2021


On the Use of Air Quality Microsensors for Supporting Decision Makers. Bach, K.; Akselsen, S.; Veiga, T.; and Kalamaras, I. In Davidsson, P.; Langheinrich, M.; Linde, P.; Mayer, S.; Casado-Mansilla, D.; Spikol, D.; Kraemer, F. A.; and Russo, N. L., editor(s), IoT '20 Companion: 10th International Conference on the Internet of Things Companion, Malmö Sweden, October 6-9, 2020, pages 15:1–15:4, 2020. ACM

Link to the paper: IoT 2020

Whitepaper: Sensing and Decision Making about Air Quality Data Akselsen, S.; Bach, K.; Veiga, T.; and Kalamaras, I.

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Visual analytics for exploring air quality data in an AI-enhanced IoT environment. Kalamaras, I.; Xygonakis, I.; Glykos, K.; Akselsen, S.; Munch-Ellingsen, A.; Nguyen, H. T.; Lepperod, A. J.; Bach, K.; Votis, K.; and Tzovaras, D. In Chbeir, R.; Manolopoulos, Y.; Ilarri, S.; and Papadopoulos, A., editor(s), 11th International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems, MEDES 2019, Limassol, Cyprus, November, 2019, pages 103–110, 2019. ACM

Link to the paper: MEDES 2019

On the need for explanations, visualisations and measurements in data-driven air quality monitoring and forecasting. Sigmund Akselsen, Pontus Edvard Aurdal, Kerstin Bach, João Paulo Costeira, Ilias Kalamaras, Andreas Jacobsen Lepperød, Pedro Lima, Ieva Martinkenaite, Ole Jakob Mengshoel, Arne Munch-Ellingsen, Hai Thanh Nguyen, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Tiago Veiga, Konstantinos Votis, Leendert Wienhofen, Weiqing Zhang, Pinar Øzturk In Workshop on Evaluation and Benchmarking of Human-Centered AI SystemsAt: Milton Keynes, UK, September, 2019

Link to the paper: EBHAIS 2019