Workshop Proceedings

The ICCBR-17 Workshops proceedings will be available at

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Accepted Workshops

ICCBR 2017 workshops will provide an informal setting for addressing specific focus topics in an atmosphere that fosters the active exchange of ideas. The following workshops have been accepted. Please use each workshop's website for detailed information on submission and organization.

Process-oriented Case-Based Reasoning

The third workshop on Process-oriented Case-based Reasoning (PO-CBR) is dedicated to address the challenges of integrating Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) with process-oriented research areas like Business Process Management, Workflow Management and Planning. Consequently, several types of processes are in the interest of this workshop, mainly business processes, software processes, planning processes, and search processes. The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of trends, research issues and practical experiences on the role of CBR in process support.

Organizers: Miltos Petridis, Mirjam Minor, Stefania Montani and Odd Erik Gundersen

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Computational Analogy

Computational Analogy and Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) are closely related research areas. Both employ prior cases to reason in complex situations with incomplete information. Analogy research often focuses on modeling human cognitive processes, the structural alignment between a base/source and target, and adaptation/abstraction of the analogical source content. While CBR research also deals with alignment and adaptation, the field tends to focus more on retrieval, case-base maintenance, and pragmatic solutions to real-world problems. However, despite their obvious overlap in research goals and approaches, cross communication and collaboration between these areas has been progressively diminishing. CBR and Analogy researchers stand to benefit greatly from increased exposure to each other's work and greater cross-pollination of ideas. The objective of this workshop is to promote such communication by bringing together researchers from the two areas, to foster new collaborative endeavors, to stimulate new ideas and avoid reinventing old ones.

Organizers: Fadi Badra and Tarek R. Besold

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Case-Based Reasoning and Deep Learning

Recent advances in deep learning (DL) have helped to usher in a new wave of confidence in the capability of artificial intelligence. Increasingly, we are seeing DL architectures that outperform long established state-of-the-art algorithms in a number of diverse tasks. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum to identify opportunities and challenges for the use of deep learning techniques and architectures in the context of case-based reasoning systems. Our aims is to identify talks that can stimulate discussions on issues such as:
- How DL can be used to improve knowledge aggregation strategies for case representation
- How DL architectures can be used to inspire more efficient indexing and retrieval architectures
- Can DL be used to generate similarity knowledge
- How can we inject CBR-related reasoning concepts such as reuse and revise aspects into DL

Organizers: Sadiq Sani and Stewart Massie

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