Heterogeneous and Parallel Computing Lab

The NTNU HPC-Lab is directed by Dr. Anne C. Elster and consists of her graduate students and affiliate members. The lab is part of the Dept. of Computer and Information Science (IDI) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (a.k.a. NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway.
Elster and her graduate student Sept 21, 2012
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Current HPC-lab Members:
Dr. Elster:
Current PhD students:
Thomas Falch PhD stud Samira Johannes Kvam Ruben Spaans Smistad Mehdi
Current Master students:
Recent PhDs:
Recent Visitors:
Miguel del Amor Grant Strong
2013 Master students:
Henrik Knutsen Lars Kirkholt Melhus Magnus Mikalsen Stian Pedersen Lars Espen Nordhus Andreas Nordahl Andreas Skomedal Elisabeth Solheim Lars Martin Pedersen

External colaborators/sponsors of HPC-Lab include: AMD, ARM, Atmel, CERN, Numerical Rocks, NVIDIA, SINTEF Med Tek and Statoil.
HPC-LAB SEMINAR: Tucker Taft: "Parallelizm Without Pointers: Bringing Value Semantics to Object-Oriented Parallel Programming" at Thur Feb 13,2014 at 12:15 in S8

All possition avaiable at NTNU are announced at

  • Master students at NTNU are self-funded. NTNU does not charge tuition for our 5-y r M.Tech program, but living costs here are high ...

    All possition avaiable at NTNU are announced at

  • Master students at NTNU are self-funded. NTNU does not charge tuition for our 5-yr M.Tech program, but living costs here are high ...

    NOTE: Dr. Elster generally does not have any summer stipends available since she travels a lot during summers

    NTNU is both a NVIDIA CUDA Research Center and a CUDA Teaching Center:
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  • CUDA Notes: ECE 498, Illionois
  • Cuda donations
    PhD student Jan Christain Meyer with some of our CUDA-enabled cards!
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    Main Links

    Current Research Foci:

    • Heterogenous and parallel computing, including:
      • Supercomputing incl. Cluster, GRID and Cloud computing: Project: THOR - Transparent Heterogenous Open Resource Framework
      • Parallell algorithms for novel architectures and accellerators including GPUs and Cell.
      • Performance analysis and benchmarking of HPC platforms,
      • Auto-tunable algorithms, Computational steering,
      • Software environments for testing and developing parallel scientific codes,
      • Linear Solvers, incl. parallel approaches, and PIC particle codes.

    • Algorithms for signal processing including:
      Fast linear bit-reversal algorithms and algorithms for ADSL & VDSL.

    Strongly related NTNU programs: IME SIG Multipro ( members ) and NTNU Computational Science and Visualization (Elster co-founder + co-dir. until 2007)

    HPC-LAB News:

    • HPC-Lab featured in article on Sept 21, 2012.
    • Elster invited to give NTNU's Phyisics Dept. Colloquium >/a> on Sep 14, 2012: " GPU-based Simulations and Visualizations & other HPC Trends"
    • Samira Pakdel joins HPC-Lab this fall as a PhD applicant in heterogenous computing.
    • Thomas Falch joined HPC-Lab as a research asssistant and PhD applicant in July. He is supported by the Medical Computations and Visualization project Elster has with Drs. Frank Linseth and Trond Kvamsdal.
    • Paper "Simulation of Population Dynamics P systems on CUDA" with HPC-Lab visitor Miguel Ángel Martínez Del Amor and co-authors I.PP. Hurtado, A.G. Rubio, A.C. Elster and Mario De Jesús Pérez Jiménez accepted as full paer at CMSB 2012.
    • HPC-Lab staffed NTNU stand at ISC2 in Hamburg June 18-20, 2012
    • Ivar Ursin Nikolaisen joined HPC-Lab as officially as a PhD student funded by Statoil on March 29, 2012. Dr. Alf B. Rud from Statoil is his co-supervisor.
    • PhD student Grant Strong from Canda is visiting with HPC-Lab for the spring 2012 semester. Stop by his office in IT-vest 417 for a chat!

    • HPC-lab has received a NOK 1 mill equipment grant "Realt-time HPC Sytems" from NTNU IME (our Dean's office) for 2012

    • HPC-Lab PhD student Rune E. Jensen gave talk at joint EU COST meeting in Poznan, Poland May 2012
    • Dr. Ester gave talk at EU COST meeting in Genoa, April 2012
    • Dr. Ester gave talk at EU COST meeting in Timisoara, Romania, January 2012
    • PhD student Miguel Angel Martinez del Amor from Univ. of Seville, Sevillia, Spain, main supervisor Dr. Mario de J. Perez Jimenez, visited with us for several months in Fall 2011.

    • Elster serving/served as Program Committee member of IEEE IPDPS 2011 (finished 12 paper reviews Nov/Dec 2010), as well as ParCo 2011, GHC'11 and SC'11 and SC'12 Tutorial Committees.

    • Dr. Elster to give on-line invited talk on GPU Compting Research Forum , TBD.

    More Recent HPC-Lab news:


    HPC-LAB has several custom-made multi-core workstations with high-end graphics cards donated by NVIDIA through Dr. Elster being part of their Professor Partnership Program. These include several NVIDIA Quadro and Telsa cards.

    We recently also purchased and two Fermi Tesla cards (c2050 and c2070) from NVIDIA through their "Mad Scientist" program, as well as a GeForce GTX 470 card.

    AMD donated a 5870 card to our group for our SC'09 stand and we have two other AMD ATI Radon cards (5850 and 5870).

    HPC-Lab received a Zotac ION board donated by NVIDIA on June 3, 2009. It was one of 10 such boards donated through NVIDIA's Professor Partnership program.

    The Dept. of Computer and Info. Science also recently provided us funding for several more high-end PCs for fall 2010. It also purchased a 9-node dual quad-core HP cluster which is used by Elster's TDT 4200 Parallel Computing course and by HPC-Lab members. The cluster was installed Spring 2010.

  • Link to interesting article: "CUDA, Supercomputing for the Masses:Part 1" by Rob Faber, April 2008.

  • Several HPC-lab people helped gather most of our GPU cards for this photo ..

    Recent Photos

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    All of us at our SC'10 stand, Nov. 2010

    HPC-Lab meeting September 3, 2010

    HPC-lab manned NTNU stand at SC'09
    How do you like our 3meter tall inflatable screen for 3D HD projection?

    Rune Jensen and Lab Director Anne C. Elster

    HPC-Lab Members:

    PhD students:

    Current Master Student (Estimated graduation date):

    • Henrik H. Knutsen -- M.Tech. (Dec 2013)
    • Lars Kirkholt Melhus -- M.Tech. (Summer 2013)
    • Magnus Alvestad Mikalsen -- M.Tech. (Summer 2013)
    • Andreas Nordahl -- M.Tech. (Summer 2013)
    • Lars Espen Strand Nordhus -- M.Tech. (Summer 2013)
    • Stian Aaraas Pedersen -- M.Tech. (Summer 2013)
    • Lars Martin Petersen -- M.Tech (Dec 2013)
    • Andreas Skomedal --M.Tech. (Summer 2013)
    • Elisabeth Solheim -- M.Sci. (Dec 2013)

    Guest students 2012/2013:

    Recent PhDs:

    Recent Post Docs:

    Recent Master Students:

    Finished Summer 2012

    Fall 2011 project student in addition to above:

    Finished Summer 2011:

    Fall 2010 project student in addition to above:

  • Joel Chelliah

  • Some of our Affiliates/Collaborators at NTNU:

    More Highlights and News -- Some Accomplishments and Projects:

    Other HPC-Lab Photos

    (See also HPC-Lab alumni page

    Spring 2009: Tesla S1070 and i7 Extreme Front end

    Elster and Tesla s1070
    Elster opening the s1070

    Ph.D. student Thorvald Natvig building and configuring our new high-end front-end for our new NVIDIA s1070.

    In addtion to the i7 extreme processor, the system has 12GB of RAM, two SSD disks are extra "cache" in addition to two 1.5TB disks ++

    i7 extreme with 12GB RAM Stylized photo by Kai T. Dragland of our i7 extreme front end for the s1070
    Home built i7 extreme with 12GB RAM and a stylized photo by Kai T. Dragland of our i7 extreme front end for the NVIDIA Tesla s1070

    HPC-lab -- early years

    The images are "clickable" and all taken by Dr. Elster and IDI photographer Kai T. Dragland.

    One of the first photos of the lab -- right before its opening in Oct 2008.


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