LongRec was a research project on persistent, reliable and trustworthy long-term archival of digital documents, with emphasis on availability and use of documents. LongRec was initiated and coordinated by DNV and performed in cooperation with the database group at NTNU, NR, and a number of business partners, with partial funding from the Norwegian Research Council.

The particular problems addressed by LongRec typically emerge when document lifetime exceeds 20 years, and LongRec imposes no upper limit on the lifetime. The main objectives for the LongRec partners have been: The final report is available here.

For more information on the NTNU part of the project, please contact Kjetil Nørvåg.

PhDs Awarded and Funded by LongRec


Below is a list of publications made by partial support from the LongRec project, ordered by topic.


Records transitions survival

Preservation of trust and security

Preservation of semantic value